The Missing Link - Complementary foods for animals

Unlike their owners, pets cannot choose their food.  They and their health depend upon what we feed them.  Feeding them the same food everyday maybe economical but perhaps is not the most nutritionally balanced diet!  Petfoods vary in the source of their ingredients but those ingredients are often very similar in their nutrient profile.  Most pet foods are adequate but can often be likened to us eating a typical western diest of refined, over processed foods that over time can lead to degenerative health conditions. Our products provide complementary feeds that target the nutritional gap between these commercial foods and what mother nature would have provided - The Missing Link.

Our cold pressed method ensures the freshest delivery of Omega 3, fibre and phyto (plant) nutrients so that your pet gets the best support for a healthy skin and coat, healthy digestion and immune function, sustained energy and with our "added glucosamine" products healthy joints too.

Simply add The Missing Link to your animal's regular food to give them the nutrients they deserve and that Mother Nature would have provided.

Commitment to Quality

During our production process, we don't use any kind of pasteurization, sterilization, or heat.  No preservatives are involved and/or included in any of our ingredients.

We take the utmost care to provide your pet with the nutrition they deserve providing The Missing Link between todays commercial pet foods and what mother nature intended